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  • 河北福德化工科技有限公司
    We are a research-production-sales stock enterprise for fine chemicals.At present, we have 350 employees.We have good relations with TsinghuaUniversity and Hebei Industry University.
    Our production capacity:
    10000 MT/Y Pivalic acid.
    6000 MT/Y Pivaloyl chloride.
    3000 MT/Y 3-Chloropivaloyl chloride.
    1000 MT/Y Methyl 3-methoxyacrylate.
    1000 MT/Y 4-Tert-Butylphenyl-Acetonitrile.
    1500 MT/Y 3,4-Dimethylbenzaldehyde.
    Our plant is located in New Chemical Park of Handan City.Welcome to our company for business and cooperation.


     Hebei Fude Chem-Tech Co., Ltd. 

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